Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Car seat sale!!!

Right now Kmart has booster seats B1G1! I need to get a booster seat for Tyler, so if anyone else needs one we could go in together and split the cost. Here are the specifics:

Cosco high rise booster seats, $18.99.

Let me know soon the sale ends Saturday the 19th.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kmart is doubling again!

Kmart is doubling coupons again this week! Vanessa snagged some great deals on shave cream, paper plates and cereal. The best thing to do is take your coupons and walk the isles. Have your hubbies watch the kiddies and have some me time while you save some money! Happy shopping!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Publix list

Here is what I'm getting at Publix this week. Not a long list, but some great savings!

B1G1 Deals

Knorr's Rice or Pasta sides - .60/2 RP 8/2

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes (2.09) - If you're in the Publix Baby Club you should have a -1.50 Huggies Wipes coupon. Print the .50/1 Food Lion coupon and get 2 boxes of wipes for .09!

Purina Beneful Dog food - 3.50 off printable. Even if you don't have a dog, buy the dog food!!! It's free, plus you get an extra 1.51 off your bill. You can always donate the food to an animal shelter.

Glass Plus Glass & Multi-surface Cleaner - .50/1 SS 6/28

Other deal: Hamburger Helper .99 each. -.75/3 SS 8/9

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Publix list.

Another short week at Publix. Now that I'm stocked up on a lot of stuff I'm pickier on what I buy.

Pop Secret SS 6/14
Hunts Tomato Sauce - No coupon, but at B1G1 it's a good price!
Pillsbury Refrigerated Bread Products SS 5/31 (Biscuits are $1.00 each at Walmart)
NY Garlic Bread SS 5/17
Band-aids - Great deal if you have the Green Advantage Buy Flyer and inserts from SS 6/28 and RP 5/17. I got 3 boxes of bandaids for .07, this deal also includes Neosporin and Benadryl cream so I got a couple of each of those for a good price.
Glad trash bags - get both of the printables from southern savers and a box is only 1.69.

I'm going to look through the store flyers I got in the paper today and see if there are any other deals for this week. I'll let you know if I find any!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm back!

Sorry I didn't post a shopping list this week, but I do have some tips and a few good deals to share!

Target - Check out Lindsey's blog for details on how to get .04 body wash!!! Also, Finish Power Tabs are on sale for 3.49 (which beats CVS's sale price of 3.99) and there is a $2.50 off coupon in SS 7/12 (the paper that just came out!), which makes them .99 each!

Food Lion - Want cheap bananas? Food lion puts their slightly browning bananas on sale for .19/lb! The bunches that are on sale will have black tape around them. I got almost 5 lbs for less than a dollar! Most of the bananas I got had one little spot of brown on them. I did grab one bunch that was really brown because when I saw them I thought, "Those will be perfect for banana bread!" In my house bananas never last long enough to make bread out of them unless I hide some!

Publix - Next time your making a list for Publix make a note to check out their clearance items! The clearance stuff will either be on a table or in a shopping cart. The store on Beville and Clyde Morris has a clearance table next to the register that is closest to the bakery, and the store on Ridgewood has a clearance cart next to the produce section. I've gotten diapers for $5.50 (it was a couple of months ago, in case your wondering why I didn't share!). Two weeks ago I got formula that was clearance plus I had a coupon to match! It's worth looking for next time your in Publix!

CVS - Recently I have left CVS very frustrated. I take my time at home to figure out how to get the most stuff with the least out of pocket, I write my very specific list which consists of 3-4 different transactions, exactly what to buy and what ECB's to use in each transaction, and how much I'll have to pay (excluding tax). Then I get to CVS and they NEVER have everything on my list! This completely screws up my plan because I only have ECBs to pay for the first transaction, the rest are counting on the ECBs I'm going to earn. It would be fine if they at least had all the items for my first transaction, I could buy those and then come back another day or go to a different store, but that never happens! Plus I want to get all my shopping done the first time I go, and I don't really feel like driving to another store! Then there are the Sunday/Monday only deals. Well I can't go shopping on Sunday, but everyone else seems to and by the time I get there Monday morning everything is gone! Then my boss mentioned she had gotten a rain check at CVS. I don't know why I never thought of that before, I get rain checks from the grocery store all the time but I never thought to ask at CVS. Now my days of frustration with CVS never having what I want are gone! My new plan is to wait until the last day of the ECB deal when everything will be gone and just ask for rain checks for the items on my list. Then I can go back a week or two later and successfully complete my list in one trip! I currently have 3 rain checks from CVS and it specifically says that they NEVER expire and they are good at any CVS location! Just thought I'd share in case anyone else was experiencing similar frustrations!

Happy shopping ladies!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A couple of other deals...

Food Lion

Hot Shot is on sale for 2.49
-1.50/1 SS 6/7


Purex $5.00
-.35/1 SS 6/14

Suave Shampoo & Conditioner 3 for $4.00
-$1.00/2 RP 5/17

Kmart is doubling coupons this week!!!

Thanks to Vanessa for the heads up on this one! If you go to Kmart this week they will double your coupons up to $2.00, so if you have any coupons that are already worth more than $2.00 those won't double. The Kmart ad says you have to spend a minimum of $25 in order for your coupons to double, but I only had $6.00 worth of merchandise and the register doubled my coupons! I got an awesome deal on Cheerios tonight! The Cheerios are on sale 4 for $6.00 and there are -$1.00 wyb 2 boxes of Cheerios coupons in SS 6/28 (I think that's the right insert). I had four of these coupons and thought my total would be $4.00 for 4 boxes, but the register doubled my coupons and my total was $2.00! The ad also says if you buy more than 4 boxes the price changes to 4 for $10. I bought 8 boxes, so I asked the cashier to ring them up separately (4 at a time) to get the $6.00 sale price. It worked and I got 8 boxes of Cheerios for only $4.00!!! I REALLY don't need cereal right now, but I couldn't pass on such a good price! FYI: Kmart will not give out rain checks this week, and they are not restocking their shelves while the double coupon deal is going on, so go soon! Also, Vanessa told me that Kmart's prices are higher than Walmart so not everything is a good deal, even with doubled coupons.

I may go back for one more deal: Cheerios snack mix 2 for $5.00 -.50/1 SS 6/14, doubled it would be 2 for $3.00.